Joining KFAD

Why Should You or Your Child Join KFAD?

Let’s face it. Today’s schools aren’t teaching the arts like they used to. In fact, the arts are usually the first to go when the budget needs cutting! That’s what KFAD was originally started: to give children the additional training they cannot get in school. 

What Does KFAD Teach?

  • How to read music and count beats. 
  • How to project the voice while on stage. 
  • How to take direction. 
  • The importance of working as a team. 

What Are KFAD’s Positive Side-Effects? 

Improved self-esteem and confidence. 

Knowledge of the theater arts. 

Great public-speaking skills. 

The opportunity for creative expression. 


Cooperation skills.

KFAD teaches kids not only how to act and sing on stage, but prepares them for using their voices on the stage of life. 

— Melissa Falk, Former KFAD President

Beloit's Musical and Acting Troupe for Kids